Wednesday, 6 September 2017

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Fun Run

When I was sitting underneath the very hot sun the court was filled up with four colors which are our house colors Hine Moana, Hikianalia, Te aurere and Hokule’a, I was thinking about what I was going to be like when I was at the starting line. Later then I heard Mr Jacobsen call out the year 7 girls. I was so afraid that I might embarress myself from tripping over.

When Mr Burt got us ready to run I got even more scaredthan I was before. As we took off I was already tired when we got to the goal post  but I was still running and my legs were burning. As we got out of the gates I slowed down because of the mud it was really hard to lift my legs up. But any way I was running through the park then I was like yay but then I forgot that we needed to go around twice, it was kinda funny.

When I went for another round I got even tired legs that I have ever had in my life, In my head I wanted to pretend to fall but then I might get imbarressed. But When I got to the finish line I was so happy that it was over so I went over to get a drink of water.

When I got home I was exhausted but then I needed to go and do the washing and do the dishes, what a day.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

2D Shapes

We needed to create some clue cards that describes the shape. But we needed to explain it like I have 3 "VERTICES" I really enjoyed it you should try and make it then show your family and Friends.

Quality blog comments

I reckon that this is a quality blog comment because I have started with a greeting , I made a connection , I said something positive and I also ended with a question. Try it out.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Speech Comp

Speech Competition

Last friday we had a speech competition at 12:00pm, each class needed to have three students per class, in our literacy class our three students was Iyvone, Seini and Atareita. They were going to each talk infront of the whole of Team 5, and The Pavilion came to join too.

Out of all the speeches the most appealing one was Roimata, she talked about the legends in Rarotonga and she used alot of  hand actions. The thing that got me appealed was how she spoke about her two legends and my favourite one was when she told us about her two uncles that were going through puberty at the time so their brains were small back then. So there was a sign which said do not go into the river and so they went in, one last thing that got me appealed was when she said you are going to need to try and survive or just die.

The Most entertaining person was Muba because when Mr Wiseman pulled out his name he just bravely put his hands into the air it was really funny almost everyone was laughing. His topic was, If I was President, he said he would give the poor shelter and make them happy.

That’s all from me but I still need to work on my writing if something is wrong please comment down below.