Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Immersion Assembly

School has started, term 3 has came. Today we had an amazing immersion assembly, when everyone was seated the lights went off there were stars on the ceiling ( it was from the projector ) but I thought it looked amazing, Later on Mr Jacobsen and Mr Sommerville started to speak. While they were speaking someone was flying the drone but it was obviously Mr Sommerville who was flying it. Everyone was laughing while the aliens were getting attacked.

Anyways there were movies getting played, Team 1’s main topic is about how the sun, moon and tides affects the earth. Team 2’s main topic is also how the sun, moon and tides affects the earth. Team 3 is something different, they will be learning about time and season, Team 4 has decided to see if people could survive on other planets. Team 5 was the only one who have done an act. Our focus question what impact does the moon have on the earth.

The one that had the most information was team 4, Because in their movie the teachers go to other planets to see if it was safe. It was obvious that they are figuring out if people can survive on other planets, but when they were on other planets they kept on exploding, They also said to try and keep what we already have on earth.

It was such an amazing assembly the videos were awesome team 5’s act was amazing plus they were the only one that had done an act. I forgot to mention that Mrs Judd was singing and she did really well so did Miss Tele’a, Ms Tapuke, Mrs Ilaoa, Mrs Sio and Mr Wiseman, They made everyone smile.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Complex Sentences

Walt: - Use complex sentences in our writing

Recount plan

Walt: - Write an interesting and engaging recount

The Vege Car

WALT:"Summarising - I can locate and summarise ideas e.g. skim and scan, identify key words, topic sentences, key questions, or by using sub headings"