Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My Speech Draft

                       What to do on a rainy day?  

Good Morning Rm 3,

On a rainy day we usualy play board games every time it rain’s, it sucks because when you want to play a game it’s already taken.

So what I was thinking is that we should do arts and crafts that relates to our topicfor this term. If we could do arts & crafts, What would you make? I would make a planet by doing some paper mache, plus if we ain’t finish we could carry on with it during a wet lunch time.

Once we are finish we couldhang it on our wall. Also while people are watching it’s hard for them to hear. Because some people do nothing but talk so I was thinking rather then talking they could go into a classroom to finish of their work or their DLO.

That’s all from me, thanks for listening to my speech, Hope you enjoyed.

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