Thursday, 26 October 2017


Walt:multiply in parts 
Today I have learnt a lot I have gotten use to this strategy. I really enjoyed this task so much. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Labour Day

Workers Day
Hey! I’m here to tell you what Labour Day actually celebrates? First of all the word “Labour” is another word for “Work”. We are not celebrating for the labour party or giving birth it’s all about working and a man named Samuel Parnell.
1st idea
He was the man who made and started Labour day because he decided that he would only take his new job as a carpenter if he could only work for 8 hours he was willing to fight for the hours he wants for a new job. From then others were asking to work for the same hours as Sameul did. Thanks to him people can work for 8 hours a day.
2nd idea
Before then others worked longer than just 8 hours. If the boss was exhausted he could just tell one of the workers to take over for him he’d need to work for the whole 24 hrs. If he was tired he would still need to do as he was told. He couldn’t go home, he couldn’t go anywhere.
3rd idea
The first Labour Day was in 28th of October 1890, From now on Labour day is every fourth Monday of October. This year we had it on the Monday 23rd of October. I think this year was better than other years but we never know back in the days might have been better than how it is today.
So there you have it Labour day isn’t celebrating for the labour party we are giving men and women a break from the jobs. Remeber the man who has started Labour Day was Samuel Parnell. I f you want to learn more than go on Our Pt England Website Click any class and click individual the classes who talk about labour day is mostly Room 1,2,3,4 and 5.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Musical Madness 2017

Horayy! It’s the start of term 4, Today we had an immersion assembly I was so excited because I love seeing our teachers doing an act or a short films. Our topic for this term 4 is “Musical Madness” I could not wait to hear what our teachers have provided for us this term.

Most informative?
The team that I thought was informative was Team 2, They did an act it was so amazing Mrs Gaston had amazing singing. Team 2 is going to be listening to music and finding different emotions that come out of each song. They will also be Trying To create music with their bodies and things that they can find. Isn’t that amazing.

Most entertaining?

I got fulled with laughter when team 4’s short film came up it was so funny when they got parked up right next to Mr Jacobson’s van and they were like dancing so crazy Mr Jacobson wind down his window and started to turn his music up it was hi, la, ri, ous. So this term they will be learning how to play different instruments, how different songs impact on us.

I really want to just find out, How music can affect not just me but others? Maybe they have diffirent emotions, Like if there was a sad song on they might have felt happy or something like that.

I am so excited for this term I really want to learn alot about this term I am so so looking foward fo this term. Someday this term I might answer the question I was talking about.   

How music can affect not just me but others?